Welcome to my world.Here's my confession...I am a foodaholic.I love good food.I am game for any cusine & am passionate about Indian cooking.Honestly I am not a polished home-maker.I haven't learnt the ropes of the trade the traditional way which is from my mom.I am not very fussy when it comes to food. I would relish & eat simple meal with great delight.Best way to unwind for me is with my family at home, listening to some wonderful music,good food,lots of laughter and possibily some good wine =) Join me as I share with you some wonderful recipes that I have cooked over the years for my family which I usually serve with a large dollop of love ♥.

Monday, 14 November 2011

"Porriyal "/ stir-fried assorted vegetable is a regular feature on the south indian cusine.Porriyal can be made out of variety of vegetables.It is a healthy alternative to deep fried vegetables.Here's one of my favourite porriyal combination.

Porriyal (Stir-fried assorted vegetables)

Beans-100 gms
Carrot-100 gms
Cabbage-100 gms
Fresh green peas-handfull
Green chillies-1{chopped about 1/2''}
Garlic flake-1 {crushed}
Fresh coconut flower-1/2 cup
Salt-to taste
Urad dal-1/2 tsp{optional}
Fresh curry leaves-a sprig
Oil- 1 tbsp {for tempering}

In a skillet add the oil.Add mustard seed,urad dal,curry leaves.When the mustard starts spluttering add the crushed garlic.Saute for 2-3 mins till the raw smell fades.Then add the vegetables(beans,carrot,peas,cabbage).Add green chillies,salt & half of the coconut flower.Pour about 2-3 tbsp of water to this and let it cook.Donot pour a lot of water."Porriyal" tastes best when it is crunchy & not when it is over-cooked so do keep that in mind while adding water to it.Cover the skillet & let the vegetables cook in steam for 5-7mins.Add the remaining coconut flower,blend it in & remove from the stove top.Serve hot with steam rice,rasam/sambar,any vegetable fry/ fried chicken.

Bon appetit !


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